The Society of Professional Engineers (International) Administration System

The Institution of International Professional Engineers Administration System

The Society of Professional Engineers (International) is largely using online society system.

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The Society of Professional Engineers International and International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education


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At the  moment, the following international organizations are major branches of The Society of Professional Engineers (International)

STC Technological University is education service of The Society of Professional Engineers International.

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STC Training Centre (Senior Technical Consultants Training Centre) in Australia owned by The Society of Professional Engineers International teaches the recognized trade courses.

STC Training Centre issues AIBT (Applied Industrial and Business Training) ,IAMA (Industry and Management Academy) and EIT (Engineering Industrial Training) Certificates and Diplomas.



Mr Lino Dare  is a representative of SPE International in Italy


E mail,,





South Africa & UK Branch


Peter Enfield is representative in SPE International in South Africa branch as well as UK Branch


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India and Pakistan Branch



Mr Mustafa Assad  manages SPE International in India and Pakistan branch


Indo Pakistani Professional Engineers Group

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University of Lahore




Singapore & Malaysia

Singapore Dr Sam Man Keong of Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists is a representative of SPE International in Singapore


Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists

No. 96, Waterloo Street o Singapore 187967  Tel: +65 96740515 (Singapore); +65 280 7712 (Malaysia)  




All other correspondence shall be made to SIET's Postal address Clementi Central PO Box 103, Singapore 911204, SINGAPORE Website


PE (International) Assessment by SIET Pathways to SPEInternational - PE(Int) - 17 Sept 2022.pdf


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Administrative details IQY SIET SPE International


Myanmar, Thailand, Korea, Japan,USA,Europe


Dr Kyaw Naing of The Institution of Professional Engineers Myanmar (IPEM) is a representative of SPE International in Myanmar.





IQY Technical College

Education and Training Branch of The Institute of Professional Engineers Myanmar and Authorized Training Centre of Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists

Website / Contact

The Institution of Professional Engineers Myanmar        

IQY Technical College




Supporting Company


Mr Michael Moore

Pacific Engineering

PO BOX 227, Marrickville, NSW1475, Sydney, Australia



China, Macau, Hong Kong

Dr Tommy Ho  (Chung Ming HO)

PEng(Int),FSPE(Int),Hon. FHKEnv, Hon. FSEE, FCABE, CBuildECEnv 

President of SPE International Chapter in China, Macau and Hong Kong,


HCL International 


Our management system will be largely de-centralised because in the past, the Executive Committee located in UK only determined the fate of the society and without having the votes of the international members, it merged the society to IET resulting the risk of losing the PE title by all of us.

It is important for us to prevent such unpleasant thing forever in the future.

For this reason, the following administration system of central administration and our major friends located in countries of the World will assist SPE International (IIPE)


Tasks of the Central Administration of The Society of Professional Engineers (International)

        Accepting the former Society of Professional Engineers (UK) Members to be given life membership and register

        Issuing the membership admission procedures.

        Developing the format of Membership Certificates which can be issued by each branch located in the country

        Accepting the registers of newly admitted members whom are assessed and admitted into the membership by each country branch

        Co-ordinating the branches located in different countries.

For this reason, the members of the Society of Professional Engineers (International) who are MSPE/ FSPE/PEng(International) are requested to serve as the leaders to promote SPE International (IIPE) , one per each country .

Only one organization or person who will take the responsibility for promoting our activities in each country. If there are more than one person, appropriate discussion and election is to be done to form a Executive Council

If required, our central administration will assist to provide the networking.


Membership Grades

The following grades will be given for newly elected members

1.     Graduate Technical Engineer +Associate of The Society of Professional Engineers (International)  (GradTEng,ASPE(International)

(Requirement- Advanced Diploma/ Higher Diploma in Engineering or BTech in Engineering) Graduates.

2.     Graduate Professional Engineer +Associate of The Society of Professional Engineers (International)  (GradPEng,ASPE(International)

(Requirement- Advanced Diploma/ Higher Diploma in Engineering or BTech in Engineering) Graduates.

3.     Technical Engineer + Associate of The Society of Professional Engineers (International) TEng,ASPE(International)can also be issued

for experienced Engineers who have not got BE degrees.

4.     Professional Engineer, Member/ Fellow of The Society of Professional Engineers (International) (PEng,MSPE/FSPE (International)

(Refer the current membership admission procedure on application pack)

Tasks of Each Affiliated Organization

        Assess the membership

        Collect the admission fees and annual subscription

        Use this fund for functions ,development  and professional development activities administered by each branch

        Issue the membership certificates

        Send the list of members to Central Administration Quarterly

Registration Format/ Membership Number

All SPE (UK) Members whom are given Life Members have their membership numbers begin with A. For example  A10994 etc. We do not change this number and membership certificates

For new members admitted by each branch will have the membership numbers in the following format.

Graduate Technical Engineer


For example Anil Prasad , Graduate Technical Engineer, admitted in 2019 in India

Anil Prasad GT1/2019/India 

His title will be Anil Prasad GTEng,ASPE(International)

Graduate Professional Engineer


For example Maung Maung , Graduate Technical Engineer, admitted in 2019 in Myanmar

Maung Maung GP45/2019/Myanmar

His title will be Maung Maung  GPEng,ASPE(International)

Professional Engineer


For example Henry Cheng , Professional  Engineer, admitted in 2019 by the branch in Singapore

Henry Cheng P12/2019/Singapore

His title will be Henry Cheng PEng,MSPE(International)

Technical Engineer


For example, Mr Netani Valu, Technical Engineer , admitted in 2019 by branch in Fiji or Central Administration if the branch has not existed in Fiji

Netani Valu T13/2019/Fiji/Central


Admission of fellow will also be the same system.

If the person is later transferred to Graduate to Member, New Registration Number and the Registration Number of first admission are will be recorded.


For example , Anil Prasad becomes PEng in 2023,

Anil Prasad P207/2023/India (GT1/2019/India)


Graduate Technical Engineer can become PEng as per the Membership Admission System of SPE (International).


PEng Seal

Follow the seal procedure


Membership Certificate

The format in Word and PDF Version will be sent to the most responsible person of the branch in each country

Cross Border Admission

Each branch in each country can only admit a person who got residential address in the country. (Only residential address will be referenced for admission, there must be no restriction on nationality, immigration status etc)

Cross border admission is not allowed.

There must be only one branch in each country. If several organizations want to take the position, it will be their tasks to resolve the matter to form a branch.

Reciprocal Recognition and Standardization

It is to be mutually developed by our affiliated organizations.

Admission of membership for the candidates where no branch exists in the country of residence

Central administration will do it

Financial Matter/ Membership Fees etc

Each branch can freely set the membership fees appropriate to their country situation and maintain the fund in accordance with the legal system of the respective country.

Unless fund transfer is needed for special purpose of the Central Office, no fund needs to be transferred to central administration.


Venue and financial account of Central Administration

The role of central administration is to co-ordinate the affiliated organizations which will have equal authority . For this reason, only online system will be kept and no central financial account will be set.

For necessary fund transfer, only  the account of our representative will be given. But our function is to be based on each branch mainly, financial control by central administration is unnecessary.



All current PEng,MSPE/FSPE (International) members are requested to send me your wish to establish the branch in your country.

No proposal will be accepted for Singapore, Australia and Myanmar where SPE(International) have already had affiliated organizations.


Dr Peter Prasad

Executive Officer

The Society of Professional Engineers International

The Institution of International Professional Engineers


The Society of Professional Executives (International) Administration System