The courses are provided by The Society of Professional Engineers International nominated CPD Provider


The courses can be attended for free but to get the formal awards such as Graduate Diploma, Masters and Doctorate Degrees, appropriate fees need to be paid.


Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Professional Development) will be issued by our authorized CPD Provider upon completion of your self study in any 3 courses or 3 books of your choice from the following study link and your notification to the CPD provider by filling the following online form.


The provider will contact you and request the CPD Certification fees US$200 and when financial matters have been cleared, the provider will notify SPE International to issue APEC Engineer Certificate by e mail.

The certificate will be valid for 5 Years but it can be renewed by paying US$30 for another 5 years.



Access the following sites to get the lessons, videos and reference books.

  Engineering Upto date knowledge short courses


      Engineering Industry Training Courses


      Engineering Short Courses


      Master of Engineering (Civil-Highrise Building)


      Hotel Construction Course


      Master of Engineering Civil


      Master of Engineering Electrical


      Master of Engineering Mechanical


      Master of Engineering Renewable Energy


      Master of Science (Information Technology)


      Master of Engineering (Mineral)


      Master of Engineering (Chemical)


      Master of Engineering (Architecture)


      Bachelor of Engineering Computer Aided Engineering


      Doctor of Engineering


      Master of Management / Master of Business Administration